Welcome to Sports Stories. This isn’t really a newsletter. You won’t find news here. It’s probably more like a blog, in the 2009-ish sense of the word. Or a zine. Or, I don’t know what. We’ll find out together. 

The premise is pretty straightforward. Each week I’ll tell a weird true story at the intersection of sports and history, and send it to your inbox. Some of these stories will be about famous people; most of them will probably not. Some of these stories will be inspiring; most of them will probably not. But I hope the stories will all be resonant, that they will be worth reading on their merit as stories alone, and that they leave you with some residual vibes that help you make a little bit better sense of the world we’re living in now.

If you don’t know me, my name is Eric Nusbaum. I’ve been writing about this kind of stuff for a long time -- on the internet at VICE, in magazines like Sports Illustrated and ESPN, and many years ago, at a blog called Pitchers & Poets.  

In addition to the written sports stories, this newsletter will be sports illustrated by my friend Adam Villacin. You should check out his Instagram. He’s incredible. 

You’ll get some interesting, lovingly written history.

You’ll get a beautiful drawing.

And you'll get it every week.